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About Crowdbridge Global

We believe that wealth and happiness are achieved by people being strong together. We aim to provide superior technology, products and services that Members recommend to family and friends, Employees are proud of, and Investors seek for long term returns.

What we offer

CrowdBridge Global offers many unique advantages and different ways for you to boost your portfolio.

Public Blockchain

The CBG Token runs on Ethereum technology.

Instant Payments

Earn bonuses instantly with our sophisticated compensation plan.

Global Opportunity

The Crowdbridge opportunity is available globally for anyone.

Networking Bonuses

Earn networking and sales bonuses seven different ways.

Real-time Tracking

Track and monitor your business real-time, 24 hours a day.

Simple and Easy

All our systems are setup with a very user-friendly interface.

Crowdfunding Projects

We crowdfund into Luxury Real-Estate projects worldwide.

Awesome Support

With CBG you can rest assured there is always help available.

CBG Token

The CBG Token sale is Crowdbridge Globals's ICO.
The CBG Token runs on Ethereum Technology with a high focus on privacy for it's end users. The CBG Token can be traded amongst users freely on exchanges or converted to Fiat Currency.

  • Public ERC20 V2 Token.
  • Public Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Mobile & PC Wallets.
  • CBG Tokens can be traded on our Exchange.
  • Tokens can be freely transferred between web wallets.

BBU Project 1

Crowdbridge crowdfund into luxury real-estate worldwide. The first project we entered into concists of Two Luxury Condominiums at The View in Kata, Phuket. The View offer a wide range of high quality sea view units ranging in size from generous Two-bedroom units from 116 sqm to opulent 4 bedroom penthouses at 674 sqm. In total, there are 54 Units in the project.

  • High Class Luxury Real Estate
  • Monthly Rental Income
  • Annual Rental Guarantee
  • Limited Availability
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in need of help and need to contact support, please visit our support desk by clicking this link: Crowdbridge Global Support

Sometimes emails can be blocked by your mail provider or endup in your spam folder. To make sure you receive emails from us, please make sure you whitelist our domain Crowdbridgeglobal.com and allow emails from Crowdbridge Global. Also make sure you are registered to receive our newsletter.

To reset your password, simply click the forgotten password link on the login page. You will then receive an email that will guide you through the required steps. You can also change your password from within your backoffice.

Crowdbridge Global is a real and serious company that operates in the crowdfunding, cryprocurrency and network marketing industry. Some times people are "trolling" and post bogus/wrong information or make false statements for the purpose of hurting a business or simply for the purpose of promoting something else. It's always good practice to do your own due diligence, and check information. If you feel unconfortable about something, simply don't join it, it's really that simple. If you have any questions, you can always ask our support team, who always will have first hand and correct information for you.

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