About Crowdbridge Global

Industry Leader

Our goal is to be a global leader in the Crowdfunding and Network Marketing Industry

Fantastic Idea

The CBG concept is an amazing idea. Never before have someone attempted to combine these three industries.

Global Opportunity

The Crowdbridge Founders have a clear vision about offering a global opportunity for people from all walks of life.

CBG Coin

Some words from our CEO

I believe that wealth and happiness are achieved by people being strong together.

We aim to provide superior technology, products and services that Members recommend to family and friends, Employees are proud of, and Investors seek for long term returns.

We want to reach further than the world of traditional marketing. We believe in the power of strong relations and networks. Combine all of this with a strong long term business plan that will impact and last through generations, we truly have an equal opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Hans Pasveer - CEO & Co Founder

You have arrived in time

You are set for success with our highly competitive and rewarding Bonusplan. By setting new heights for industry standards our concept and bonusplan will create success stories worldwide. By telling others about the crowdbridge opportunity you tap into an unlimited income potential. Have a look at the video to the right to learn more about the three powerful and proven concepts we are combining to create such a special business opportunity.

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CBG Timeline

The CBG Timeline is a work in progress, we will update our timeline with milestones as time moves on. Want to see what and when it's happening in Crowdbridge Global, check out our timeline.

January 2017

Giving birth to an idea

The idea was born after listening in on a discussion by a group of leaders at an event. After listening in for a bit we joined the enthusiastic discussion and brainstormed a bit, resulting in the idea to combine some of the most powerful industries in the world; Networking, Crowdfunding, Blockchain Technology and Real Estate. By Combinig all of this in one solution we really have something to offer to people from all walks of life, all over the world.

01 June 2017

Launching FREE Pre-Signup

After months of planning and development, we launched our first pre-registration website for bringing people together and building the initial genealogy tree. We grew with about 700 people that believed in our concept during this phase.

05 November 2017

Paid Signup Released

We started to offer our product packages to the global market. during this phase we grew to aproximately 3000 members. Work on the software continues according to our plans.

07 November 2017

Token Pre-Sale Opened for members only

We started the pre-sale of the CBG Token. 300,000,000 CBG Tokens available in total. Token price started at €0.05 per token. Tokens included in member packages.

07 January 2018

A Sleeping Giant is about to wake up

Hectic activity everywhere as the sleeping giant is about to wake up.

08 January 2018

New Website and Software

After feedback from our users and our own personal experience seeing the initial software not functioning to our expectations, we started the work of building a completely new software in December 2017. The website operating on the new software was launched the 8th of January 2018. The software is custom built and maintained by a leading software provider with 15 years of experience in building custom software for similar companies. We know we have a winner.

08 January 2018

Public Token Sale Started

The token sale opened for all on the 08.January 2018. Price started at €0.05 and will increase to €0.10 on 01.February 2018.

01 February 2018

Token Price Increase

Token Price increases to €0.10

21 February 2018

5000 Members

We achieved the milestone of 5000 CBG Members

01 March 2018

Token Price Increase

Token Price increases to €0.20

01 April 2018

Token Price Increase

Token Price increases to €0.30

01 May 2018

Token Price Increase

Token Price increases to €0.40

01 June 2018

Token Price Increases

Token Price increases to €0.50

01 July 2018

Token Price Increases

Token Price increases to €0.60

01 August 2018

Token Price Increases

Token Price increases to €0.80

16 September 2018

Token Sale Ends

Sale of tokens ends at 23.59 and the ICO is oficcially finished.

17 September 2018

CBG Genesis Block Mined

The CBG Genesis Block will be mined the 17 of September after the Token Sale officially ends. The genesis block will hold Coins equal to the amount of tokens sold during the ICO.

22 September 2018

CBG Coin released to the markets

The release of the CBG Coin is scheduled to take place on an event, somewhere in the world, 22 September 2018. Tokens are converted to CBG Coins one-to-one. Tokens will be transferred to token holders wallets during the event and the trading platform and public trading will officially open.

22 September 2018

CBG Coin Miners Starting

The mining of CBG Coin starts

01 October 2018

Launching the Crowdfunding Platform

We have scheduled the Crowdfunding Website in October 2018. Our standalone crowdfunding website will be a game-changer in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in need of help and need to contact support, please visit our support desk by clicking this link: Crowdbridge Global Support

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To reset your password, simply click the forgotten password link on the login page. You will then receive an email that will guide you through the required steps. You can also change your password from within your backoffice.

Crowdbridge Global is a real and serious company that operates in the crowdfunding, cryptocurrency and network marketing industry. The internet of things is a big place and some times people are "trolling" and post bogus/wrong information or make false statements for the purpose of hurting a business or simply for the purpose of promoting something else. It's always good practice to do your own due diligence, and check information. If you feel uncomfortable about something, simply don't join it, it's really that simple. If you have any questions, you can always ask our support team, who always will have first hand and correct information for you.

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